Why do things have to change? Why do things have to end? Why is there pain? Why is there suffering? Why do I have to worry so much? Why are people so nasty? Why is there heartache? Why can I not be happy? Why can I not accept praise? Why is it time to move … Continue reading Why?


Merry Christmas

So, Christmas is here. I know that it is a man-made festive season. Christianising a pagan festival. Just like Easter. The Lord Jesus did not initiate any celebrations for His birth, death or resurrection. Its all the Catholic Church's idea. It is obvious to me that there is very little of Christ left in Christmas … Continue reading Merry Christmas

52 Today

52 years. What have I done in 52 years? If I died now, who would miss me? What is my legacy? The end of 2017 is nigh. Am I any different to what I was 1 year ago? Is anything or anyone better because of me? Am I making a difference? Stop the world. I … Continue reading 52 Today

Introverts in the Wild

INFJoe Cartoons

I can name your species and spot you anywhere. It’s because I do all the same things you do. My wife and I went to a poetry workshop this weekend where the room was laid out with round tables. Ugh. Hate round tables. When I walked in, several people, chatting away, were seated at one table with a few empty chairs left. At the table next to it was one lone young woman, head down, with pencil, paper, and iPad, furiously working away on her conference schedule. Yes, of course, we sat at the introvert table.


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SHUT UP!!!!!

Coming into this office is tough enough at the best of times. Wandering past all these people, trying not to look at anyone, trying to stay in my own bubble. Settling into my desk, and slowly easing myself into the day. Trying not to be so tense and hyped up. This morning there were people … Continue reading SHUT UP!!!!!

What I meant to say . . .

My last posting was a bit of a waffle. Me doing my usual and branching off in all sorts of directions and not really putting across what I originally intended. I'm trying again - Negative thoughts have become second nature. I am trying to put that right. I'm attending counselling. I am reading some publications … Continue reading What I meant to say . . .

Negative Thoughts. Who Am I?

I'm trying to tackle my negativity, my automatic thought processes that tend to be - more often than not - negative. You know the type of thing. "Oh, look it's Monday again(!)" "Not Again!" "Treadmill time!" I'm a failure! I'm useless! I'm not a dad! I'm not rich! I have no savings! Why does Kim … Continue reading Negative Thoughts. Who Am I?

Cynical Pessimist (A Wee Rant . . . )

The glass is half-empty. Is there an ulterior motive? What are they trying to hide?  Good-day. I'll be your cynical pessimist (or is it pessimistic cynic?) for today. How may I help you? If something bad is going to happen, it'll be a doozy. If it's gonna rain, there will be a need for a … Continue reading Cynical Pessimist (A Wee Rant . . . )

Stuff . . . and a funeral

Been up to Kilmarnock these past 4 days or so. An elder in our church in Kilmarnock passed away, and it was his funeral last Friday. A good man, a man of God. Not necessarily a teacher, but a worker. A doer. Putting his gists into action for God. A full house on the day, … Continue reading Stuff . . . and a funeral