In The Final Hours (Part 3)

Chapter 4 Later that morning the time had come . . . It was with a sense of excitement that I heard the cell door open again, and in walked my guard. “Good morning sir. I’m afraid that the time has come. Please come with me.” All of this said in a placid tone. The … Continue reading In The Final Hours (Part 3)


What are right-wing people? – a guide for under 10-year-olds

Pride's Purge


toby young cartoon

This is Toby. Toby thinks he is great. Toby likes to tell other people how they can be great too, just like him. Toby is what we call a ‘right-wing’ person.

But what are ‘right-wing’ people?

Right-wing people are people who think they are great. Right-wing people think everyone can be great too if only other people were a bit more like them. Right-wing people think they know how to do things better than other people.

Some right-wing people even think they know better than experts. If you have a tummy ache, normal people go to a doctor. Normal people listen to the doctor and do what they tell them to do.

But right-wing people don’t like to listen to doctors. Right-wing people think they know better than doctors.

jeremy cartoonThis is Jeremy. Jeremy thinks he knows better than doctors.

Right-wing people also think they know better than firemen how to put out fires. And they…

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BBC censors quotes: UK manufacturing “eliminated” and car production “run down” after hard-Brexit

Pride's Purge

What’s happening with the business hacks at the BBC?

They seem to have come over all right-wing tabloidy.

A bizarre report by the BBC today claims the UK economy will be given a ‘£135bn annual boost’ by a hard Brexit.

In its article, the BBC extensively quotes infamous Thatcherite economist Patrick Minford, who is the lead author of a report urging the hardest of hard Brexits from pro-Brexit campaign group Economists for Free Trade.

So far so UKIP. Although it’s a bit weird to see a rogue economist normally quoted in the pages of the Express or the Sun being so prominently and uncritically quoted by the BBC in its business section.

But bizarrely, the BBC report also apes those gutter rags by completely censoring failing to mention any of the extremely negative consequences of the group’s proposals, as predicted by Professor Minford himself.

Namely, for example, that the hard Brexit proposed…

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Tension at the Comedy Cellar


Last night, I went to the Comedy Cellar.

If you don’t know, it’s pretty much a New York institution where all the comedy greats have performed. And most nights, an unexpected celebrity comedian will swing by to “work out” a bit. Case in point, the last time my friend went, both Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle performed.


ANYWHO. Last night, I went with my friend and a group of her co-workers.

And, honestly, it was everything you’d expect from a comedy club: over priced drinks, LOTS of couples on dates, and humor that honestly…was predictable, and insipidly  uncreative.

I mean, I knew the script coming in: Donald Trump was the butt of every joke. There were SO MANY bits about how dumb men are, and how angry and shrill females are. There were countless sex jokes. And enough drug references to make your ears bleed.


Now. Truth time: I had…

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