Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving

I'm 52. Sometimes, most of the time, I feel like I've never grown up. I still feel like a kid. I do not know how to act. How does a 52 year old relate to the world around himself? How do I know if what I am doing or thinking is correct?  I am Introverted iNtuitive … Continue reading Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving


Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes . . .

Mr Bowie has a lot to answer  for. LOL! However those words are quite good for this point in time. I'm trying to change. Readmore of The Word. Believe it. Put it into action. Do it. Feel it. Embrace it. I've read 1 Corinthians, and am on 2 Corinthians now. Paul writes long sentences, and … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes . . .


Look, I know that Easter is a Christianising (or a Catholicising) of a pagan festival. As is Christmas. Yes, there is nothing in the Bible to suggest that we should commemorate the birth or death & resurrection of the Lord Jesus. We are enjoined to gather together as often as we will to remember Him … Continue reading Easter.

“I Don’t Know.”

D'you know how scarey those words are to me? "I don't know." Terrifying. Honestly terrifying. There is something in me that has convinced me over the years that I should know the answer, and the older I become, the more I have convinced myself that it is true. Look at all the data and information I … Continue reading “I Don’t Know.”


Life has it's ups and downs. I went - with Kim - to our church's curry and skittles event last Saturday. Being rather - ahem - socially awkward and introverted this is the kind of thing that I generally avoid like the plague. However, Kim would not have gone if I didn't, so I decided … Continue reading Life

Toothache & Treatment

Anyone following me on Facebook recently will have seen that I have been going through some terrible toothache this past week. It has affected the tooth, my gum and jaw, my upper jaw, my ear, my eye, and that side of my head. It has been awful. I have a thing about dentists. Not a … Continue reading Toothache & Treatment

Friday At Last . . .

I was woken up this morning by the alarm. This doesn't happen too often, I'm more in the habit of lying there waiting for it. Listening to one of the dogs snoring, or being pushed out of bed by the other one. I've been having some really weird dreams over the past few months. Involving … Continue reading Friday At Last . . .

Away Day (Nearly)

Team away day at work today. Not my favourite thing. Sit in wee groups. Interact with each other. Do set tasks (working together), Learn more about work and the future, and more about each other. I managed to reach the second stop after catching the bus, and I had to alight. Panic Attack. I manage at … Continue reading Away Day (Nearly)

3rd Counselling Appointment

11am nearly. 3rd counselling appt, not sure how it'll go as I've had an up and down couple of weeks. Quiet Christmas, and the a quiet New Year. Feeling low a few times, then a bit of a mini-crisis last night. Not certain I want to go on, to be honest. Life can be a … Continue reading 3rd Counselling Appointment