How Theresa May is being ‘shepherded’ to a hard Brexit by a multibillionaire Dubai-based New Zealand fund manager

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Chances are you’ve never heard of multi-billionaire New Zealander Christopher Chandler.

Chandler heads a private, multi-billion-dollar investment fund based in Dubai, called Legatum CapitalLegatum invests in companies in developing countries such as India, Russia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

For some time now, Legatum has been forging close links to many leading Brexiters in the UK and the company has now emerged as the main adviser to Theresa May and David Davis on its Brexit negotiations with the EU.

Here’s a familiar face speaking at a Legatum event:

In recent months, Legatum has created something it calls the Special Trade Commission, which has produced a lot of papers advising the May government to take a hard line with the EU and arguing for the hardest of hard Brexits, including insisting that Britain leaves both the customs union and the single market (from its web page):

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The Real Face of Jesus – What Did Jesus Look Like?

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Dr. Andrew Butterworth is a Content Writer, Author, Coach, Pastor.

Images in Western art have no bearing on the historical Jesus. From the best information we have, Jesus of Nazareth grew up in a village of a hundred families. Ethnically Jewish, he wouldn’t have had long flowing hair, deep blue eyes and fair skin. Hipster Jesus is simply a fallacy.

(John Jay Cubuay/for The Washington Post)

Middle-eastern Jews in the first century were only, on average, 5ft 1in in height. In fact, most people 2000 years a go were a lot shorter than we are now. Height is based on genetics, but it is also about nutrition. Generation-on-generation we are getting taller because of better nutrition. As a Jewish peasant-artisan, Jesus wouldn’t have had access to amount of protein that is common in Western diets. Meat would have been a luxury, not a staple – so like his peers…

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“Thank you, David. You’ve been an absolute star!”

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Multiple Persons

How many people are you? I'm not talking about schizophrenia, I'm talking about the person you show to others. I'm a few different people dependant on the situation in which I find myself. I'm the work person, the son person, the brother person, the church person, the husband person, and probably a few more. So … Continue reading Multiple Persons