Jerusalem is Jewish. Period.

So, more idiots rioting in Gaza/Israel. The responsibility for this lies squarely with Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups. If Hamas didn't revel in sending young people to their deaths there wouldn't be this problem. They have no interest in a 2-state solution. They want the destruction and annihilation of Israel and the Jews. Western … Continue reading Jerusalem is Jewish. Period.


No Compassion. No Fear. No God.

I find it disheartening that so many people can still find it within themselves to vote Tory (Conservative (Right Wing)). The English local elections did not go as Labour had planned last night. Yet, in the cold light of day is this any surprise? For many years now the Tories have been banging the drum … Continue reading No Compassion. No Fear. No God.


Look, I know that Easter is a Christianising (or a Catholicising) of a pagan festival. As is Christmas. Yes, there is nothing in the Bible to suggest that we should commemorate the birth or death & resurrection of the Lord Jesus. We are enjoined to gather together as often as we will to remember Him … Continue reading Easter.

The Wisdom of the Wise.

I was listening to a conversation at work earlier today. I felt equal parts sad and angry. Frustrated and at a loss. The world is wise in it's own eyes, and more and more moving further and further away from God and Christ Jesus. I've said this before in places, but the world is going … Continue reading The Wisdom of the Wise.

Fear (And a prayer).

As a Christian I should not be afraid. I should not let my heart be troubled. As far as God is concerned, I don't. I believe in Him and His salvation, and His plans for the future. In fact I'm more than ready to go. I'm more than ready to begin the next chapter. I've … Continue reading Fear (And a prayer).

New Year

I do not do resolutions. They generally weigh me down, and cause even more stress than normal. Plus, things change frequently, sometimes daily, sometime hourly. I have enough trouble keeping up with life from one moment to the other, never mind worrying about 2018 et al. I have not one clue what is going to … Continue reading New Year

In The Final Hours (Part 3)

Chapter 4 Later that morning the time had come . . . It was with a sense of excitement that I heard the cell door open again, and in walked my guard. “Good morning sir. I’m afraid that the time has come. Please come with me.” All of this said in a placid tone. The … Continue reading In The Final Hours (Part 3)

In the Final Hours (Pt 2)

Chapter 2 A knock on his cell door interrupted him. “Got a visitor here for you, mate. I can only give you five minutes, so be quick.” He was thankful for this guard. At least he had been kind to him. He reached up to his eyes and rubbed at them to clear away the … Continue reading In the Final Hours (Pt 2)

In The Final Hours . . .

A short story of the last few hours of someone left behind . . . Chapter 1 He sat staring at the computer monitor, looking at the blank page in front of him. What was going on? He had never had this problem before, but nothing came. Nothing permeated through the cloud of confusion, doubt … Continue reading In The Final Hours . . .

Life, The Universe & Everything . . .

Well, not quite, but - it seems to me that things are coming to a head. I'm one of these weird folk who believe what the Bible says. Young earth, salvation through Christ's sacrifice on the cross, and that there is a time coming (very soon!) when He's coming back for His own. There is … Continue reading Life, The Universe & Everything . . .