Toothache & Treatment

Anyone following me on Facebook recently will have seen that I have been going through some terrible toothache this past week. It has affected the tooth, my gum and jaw, my upper jaw, my ear, my eye, and that side of my head. It has been awful. I have a thing about dentists. Not a … Continue reading Toothache & Treatment


Negative Thoughts. Who Am I?

I'm trying to tackle my negativity, my automatic thought processes that tend to be - more often than not - negative. You know the type of thing. "Oh, look it's Monday again(!)" "Not Again!" "Treadmill time!" I'm a failure! I'm useless! I'm not a dad! I'm not rich! I have no savings! Why does Kim … Continue reading Negative Thoughts. Who Am I?

What Is Good About The Rain?

A colleague asked us this morning what we liked about the rain. She is not British, and mentioned the British obsession with the weather in general, and moaning about the rain in particular (she's correct!) Here is what I wrote (more imagined than true, but . . .) - I awaken in the morning, and … Continue reading What Is Good About The Rain?