Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving

I'm 52. Sometimes, most of the time, I feel like I've never grown up. I still feel like a kid. I do not know how to act. How does a 52 year old relate to the world around himself? How do I know if what I am doing or thinking is correct?  I am Introverted iNtuitive … Continue reading Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving


“I Don’t Know.”

D'you know how scarey those words are to me? "I don't know." Terrifying. Honestly terrifying. There is something in me that has convinced me over the years that I should know the answer, and the older I become, the more I have convinced myself that it is true. Look at all the data and information I … Continue reading “I Don’t Know.”

Toothache & Treatment

Anyone following me on Facebook recently will have seen that I have been going through some terrible toothache this past week. It has affected the tooth, my gum and jaw, my upper jaw, my ear, my eye, and that side of my head. It has been awful. I have a thing about dentists. Not a … Continue reading Toothache & Treatment

Away Day (Nearly)

Team away day at work today. Not my favourite thing. Sit in wee groups. Interact with each other. Do set tasks (working together), Learn more about work and the future, and more about each other. I managed to reach the second stop after catching the bus, and I had to alight. Panic Attack. I manage at … Continue reading Away Day (Nearly)

3rd Counselling Appointment

11am nearly. 3rd counselling appt, not sure how it'll go as I've had an up and down couple of weeks. Quiet Christmas, and the a quiet New Year. Feeling low a few times, then a bit of a mini-crisis last night. Not certain I want to go on, to be honest. Life can be a … Continue reading 3rd Counselling Appointment

Here We Go . . .

I Hate New Year. Was very down & depressed last night. Bed at 9:15pm. New day, new thoughts. Happy new year to you all. I hope it's all a good one. There will be ups & downs, successes & failures, good & bad. I have a beautiful wife, both parents, a brother, a home, fairly … Continue reading Here We Go . . .

Addictions (II)

So, d'you want to stop your addiction? Do you need to stop your addiction? Do you look upon it as an addiction? I know that there is one thing I wish I could stop, but after all these years . . . it has become second nature. Much like the rest of how I live … Continue reading Addictions (II)

New Year

I do not do resolutions. They generally weigh me down, and cause even more stress than normal. Plus, things change frequently, sometimes daily, sometime hourly. I have enough trouble keeping up with life from one moment to the other, never mind worrying about 2018 et al. I have not one clue what is going to … Continue reading New Year

52 Today

52 years. What have I done in 52 years? If I died now, who would miss me? What is my legacy? The end of 2017 is nigh. Am I any different to what I was 1 year ago? Is anything or anyone better because of me? Am I making a difference? Stop the world. I … Continue reading 52 Today

What I meant to say . . .

My last posting was a bit of a waffle. Me doing my usual and branching off in all sorts of directions and not really putting across what I originally intended. I'm trying again - Negative thoughts have become second nature. I am trying to put that right. I'm attending counselling. I am reading some publications … Continue reading What I meant to say . . .