Fear (And a prayer).

As a Christian I should not be afraid. I should not let my heart be troubled. As far as God is concerned, I don't. I believe in Him and His salvation, and His plans for the future. In fact I'm more than ready to go. I'm more than ready to begin the next chapter. I've … Continue reading Fear (And a prayer).



Tory leadership contender Jacob Rees-Mogg said today he believes women who are raped should be forced to give birth to her rapist’s baby. Rees-Mogg also once spoke at a dinner to a far-right group which thinks Baroness Doreen Lawrence should be ‘repatriated’. And the Eton educated son of Lord Rees-Mogg once complained that there aren’t … Continue reading Unbelievable!!

In the Final Hours (Pt 2)

Chapter 2 A knock on his cell door interrupted him. “Got a visitor here for you, mate. I can only give you five minutes, so be quick.” He was thankful for this guard. At least he had been kind to him. He reached up to his eyes and rubbed at them to clear away the … Continue reading In the Final Hours (Pt 2)

In The Final Hours . . .

A short story of the last few hours of someone left behind . . . Chapter 1 He sat staring at the computer monitor, looking at the blank page in front of him. What was going on? He had never had this problem before, but nothing came. Nothing permeated through the cloud of confusion, doubt … Continue reading In The Final Hours . . .

Life, The Universe & Everything . . .

Well, not quite, but - it seems to me that things are coming to a head. I'm one of these weird folk who believe what the Bible says. Young earth, salvation through Christ's sacrifice on the cross, and that there is a time coming (very soon!) when He's coming back for His own. There is … Continue reading Life, The Universe & Everything . . .

A question.

A question. Why am I not allowed to believe that the earth is less than 10,000 years old? Evolutionary theory relies on completely ignoring God and coming up with theories that dismiss Him out of hand. It comes up with 'facts' to explain the theory, whilst completely refusing to even consider any alternative. After all... … Continue reading A question.

A Different Opinion 

Right.  I am a Christian. I believe the Bible. I believe in the Genesis account of creation. After all, we are still allowed differing opinions, right..?  Or are we only allowed to voice liberal opinions that everyone can agree with? Are we sheep, lemmings, or humans?  Are we not allowed to disagree with a majority … Continue reading A Different Opinion 

Election 2017

So, the Tories have won. Congratulations to all the self-centred, selfish people for voting her back in. Hope you enjoy it. Alas for the sick, disabled, foxes, unemployed, poor, old. The establishment, the tax-avoiding billionaires, the "I'm Alright Jack" brigade has won. I fear for the NHS. I fear for the normal person. I fear … Continue reading Election 2017

Journalist ARRESTED for covering controversial demonstration in Tory marginal

Pride's Purge

There has been widespread international outrage after a journalist was arrested in the US for simply asking a question to one of Donald Trump’s cabinet members.

By contrast, when a UK photo-journalist is arrested here in Britain and is due in court for covering an anti-fracking demonstration – the compliant UK press is completely silent.

Photo-journalist Peter Yankowski-Walker is due in court on May 15th after attempting to cover a demonstration in Bolton against a fracking company (full information below).

Fracking is a controversial subject in Bolton as the local Tory MP Chris Green is defending an extremely narrow majority of just 801 against strong local feeling against fracking.

Could this be an attempt to intimidate local press from covering a subject which could damage a local MP in a Tory marginal – not to mention a government which supports fracking – during the election campaign?

Or are we in Britain…

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