Mentally Ill People Are Dangerous (And Why Trump Is Not Stupid)

Any attributes of the Republicans and their voters/supporters in this blog can equally be attributed to the Tories/Conservatives and their voters/supporters (i.e. idiots) in the UK.


Donald Trump is not stupid.

That might come as a shock to many people and quite frankly it comes as a shock to me too. Especially given the endless stream of nonsense that emanates from that orange blob. It is true though, he is not stupid. Even when after he came out today in the wake of yet another mass shooting to determine that guns are in no way relevant to the mass shooting which killed 26* men, women and children – so there is no need to talk about them. By the way, that makes it the deadliest shooting in Texan history, which came only weeks after the deadliest shooting in US history. That wasn’t the time to talk about guns either, apparently. If you are keeping score though that brings the mass shooting tally to 307 mass shootings in 309 days.

In fact, it is never time to talk…

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