Life, The Universe & Everything . . .

Well, not quite, but – it seems to me that things are coming to a head. I’m one of these weird folk who believe what the Bible says. Young earth, salvation through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, and that there is a time coming (very soon!) when He’s coming back for His own.

There is chaos in the world, and the politicians do not seem to be able to cope with it anymore. Thinking about my country – UK – we have a PM who claims to be a Christian, but seems more willing to act based on political expediency or creed, rather than Christian Creed and Biblical principles. In the US we have a POTUS who is not even a politician, and who seems determined to upset everyone who is not a WASP or similar. This idiot denies climate change. Talking of which, our PM is trying to be in league with a political party of the same opinion (!)

There are wars and rumours of wars. Denial of God, and the divinity of Jesus. People not wanting God anymore, stumbling on with blinkers, only interested in themselves. We have antisemitism on the rise, and less and less willingness to accept that some people don’t want to conform.

There is less respect for the law, and for others. Less and less respect for anything that doesn’t fit an increasingly narrow world-view. The weird thing is, that although society is more and more tolerant of sin and more liberal in it’s general outlook, there is more and more that people are not willing to accept.



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