Ideas. Thankful.

I come up with all sorts of ideas, and things about which I want to post. Invariably, when I think about it later, I've forgotten what it was I wanted to say. Then I end up saying nothing; and so it goes on, until, before I know it, it's days since I last posted. There … Continue reading Ideas. Thankful.



Kind of like ringing a bell in the street and shouting, "UNCLEAN, UNCLEAN!!" Except I would shout, "UNWORTHY, UNWORTHY!!" I have a very low personal opinion of myself. Yet, others are able, or seem to see, something in me that I cannot.  Maybe I should try accepting it, and moving on. Saying,m "Thank you" when … Continue reading Unworthy.

Comforting Blanket.

This may not make much sense, but depression can sometimes be a very comforting/comfortable blanket in which to be wrapped. It is not a bright colourful item, but a black or dark grey, heavy, woollen shroud. At the same time it is something that keeps me out of the eyes of the world (at least … Continue reading Comforting Blanket.


A well-meaning lady at church yesterday tried to encourage me to stay for a cup of coffee. I don't usually - making for the front door as quickly as possible after the service has finished. She was trying to do it as light-heartedly as possible, in a friendly manner, but it soon felt as if … Continue reading Coercion.

What Helps?

As a Christian my answer should always be, The Bible; and it is true that it does, often. Sometimes - for example, with a list of names, or a repetitive passage - it is hard going, but it is good to read The Word every day. What tends to help me, more often than not, … Continue reading What Helps?

Depression –

30 mins ago I was suicidal. I was really down on myself. Hopeless, worthless, pointless... I could not have a positive thought, if my very existence depended on it. Now? Now I'm not so bad. More on an even keel. Not suicidal. Still struggling. Still not 'happy'. It's times like this that make it so … Continue reading Depression –

All Things To All People.

I am fed-up tying myself in knots trying to be all things to all men/people. I become so wound up I can hardly walk straight, or think straight. To give you an example, we have monthly team lunches at work, which should incorporate a meeting. Invariably the meeting part is a joke, to be honest. … Continue reading All Things To All People.

God Exists.

Mankind - humanity - is guaranteed to go against what is right. Against what it is told. Its ingrained. From a personal perspective I know that I have trouble with authority at times. This is one of the reasons why I know that God exists. Despite all common sense, humanity will always do it's utmost … Continue reading God Exists.