Simple Pleasures

I was sat seated on the omnibus this morning, on the way to work. There were two wee mini-humans on as well (kids). They made me think about living and growing up. One was in her perambulator quite happy looking at her fingers, and exploring the inside of her pram. Happy to investigate and learn. … Continue reading Simple Pleasures



One of the traits of my personality type is that I tend to binge on something, then stop suddenly. I'm not talking particularly about food, but anything. Books by the same author, TV programmes, painting etc . . . This trait can be a pain in the you-know-what at times, but it is something that … Continue reading INFP-T/HSP


There's a blog title to put you right off. However, it wasn't one of those kind of funerals. The place packed, standing room only. Probably 200+ there to say cheerio to Stuart Hickling, one of the Elders (Overseers) in our church. One of the few men of whom it could be said that he was … Continue reading Funeral.

Just The Thought Of It.

The Contact Centre of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) won a national award a couple of months back. Well, it was our manager who won it, but she has made sure that it is seen as a team award. She's good that way. As a result of this, today was a giving back day. Individual … Continue reading Just The Thought Of It.


Funny things, parents. You take them for granted and then one day they are no longer there. Thankfully for me - thus far - mine are both still alive and kicking. We've been up here in Kilmarnock visiting the, for the past week, and we'll be going home tomorrow. It's good to see them. Make … Continue reading Parents.

Quiet Please . . .

I work in an open plan office. For an introvert that is some kind of hell. Thankfully there are not too many people close by at the moment. However, if I'm honest (which I try to be), I could go all day without actually talking to anyone. I'm not anti-social as such, it's just that … Continue reading Quiet Please . . .


I am currently feeling guilty. Why? Well, I'm doing nothing. That's not quite true. I'm sitting here watching some CPL (cricket), with a coffee and a couple (3) of chocolate digestives. Basically, tho, I'm not doing anything; and I'm not allowed to. Who has told me this? I have. Me. It's a Bank Holiday weekend … Continue reading Guilty

Dribs and Drabs

It's strange how things drip, drip, drip over the years. The reasons for how and who you are become apparent over time. Life becomes so usual that you don't even notice it anymore. You don't notice the pain, the suffering, the good times, the laughter and happiness. You do things because you have always done … Continue reading Dribs and Drabs

Who is the real me?

I said something interesting to Kim earlier. I told her that I lived her, because I could be the person with her that nobody else sees. The idiot. The waffler. The dope. The twit. In almost every other situation I am the quiet one. The listener. The thinker. The one would rather just get on … Continue reading Who is the real me?