Children . . .

I've reached the stage in life now that I am being advised on how to do my job by children. I'm 52, and have been working since 1986 (on and off (mainly on)). This person yesterday was not born until the early to mid-90s (!) This person has been employed here less than half the … Continue reading Children . . .


Blessing and a Curse

The problem with time off is that - if it is a really good time off - you do not want to return to work. Or return to reality. That is what is happening right now. Tomorrow is Monday, and all of a sudden it might as well be the day after I was last … Continue reading Blessing and a Curse

Tory MP who blocked private bill to outlaw upskirting has sponsored 47 private bills himself

This is the state of Right-wing politics in this country. It is two-faced, brazen, hypocrisy. This is what you get if you ignore, denigrate or deny God.

Pride's Purge

The right-wing press, including the BBC, have been desperately trying to spin and excuse the inexcusable actions of Tory MP Sir Christopher Chope – who has blocked bills to outlaw upskirting and attacks on police dogs and horses – by claiming he is against ALL private members’ bills as a point of principle.

This is what is known technically in journalism and media circles as ‘a lie’.

Because if he is so against private members’ bills in principle, then why has Chope himself sponsored a private members’ bill to make Brexit a bank hoilday?

And how come he has also personally sponsored a private members’ bill to force NHS patients to pay for treatment:

The truth is that Chope has himself sponsored as many as 47 of his own private members’ bills.

His other private biills include ones to limit severance payments by public bodies to their staff; privatise…

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I know that is not a word, but it is a thing as far as introverts are concerned. If you people too much you feel very tired and/or worn-out. It's just the way we are. As much as you cannot fix an extrovert into becoming quieter, you cannot fix an introvert into being more outgoing. … Continue reading People-ing

I am me.

I was looking at my intro on Facebook this morning. It caught my eye. The word or title Christian isn't first in the list of who or what I am. Maybe it should be. Maybe that is what is 'wrong'. I believe that it is honest, tho'.  I am a Christian. I believe. I know … Continue reading I am me.

A Celebration Of Love

I'm a man and I'm 52. I do not care if it is hip or the done thing or any of that other guff, because I loved the Royal Wedding!!!! To see two people so bleeding obviously madly in love with each other is heart melting.   Meghan was - and is - outstandingly gorgeous … Continue reading A Celebration Of Love

Royal Wedding.

Well, there it was. Harry and Meghan are now husband and wife. God bless them. Really. God bless them richly in all that they do in their life together. Didn't they look wonderful? Meghan was amazing (as Harry told her) and Harry was very smart in his dress uniform. The page boys and flower girls … Continue reading Royal Wedding.

Jerusalem is Jewish. Period.

So, more idiots rioting in Gaza/Israel. The responsibility for this lies squarely with Hamas and other Islamic terrorist groups. If Hamas didn't revel in sending young people to their deaths there wouldn't be this problem. They have no interest in a 2-state solution. They want the destruction and annihilation of Israel and the Jews. Western … Continue reading Jerusalem is Jewish. Period.

I believe – but . . . (II)

Something else has bothered me, on and off. Matthew 12:40 (NKJV) 40 For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. Mark 16:2-4 New King James Version (NKJV) 2 Very early in the morning, … Continue reading I believe – but . . . (II)